Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have exciting news!!  Well, it was exciting for me, probably won't be for you.  Soooo... I followed "Design Star" this summer.  However, when I moved up to NC, I lost track of time and stopped watching. So, it was down to like the last four and I didn't see the end.  SO, I decided to check recently.... annnddd my favorite girl won!!!  

I loved her from the second I saw her.  She looks just like Kirsten Dunst and that is cool in and of itself.  She almost got kicked off the very first show because she did horribly but I still loved her and she won!  Anyway... I checked Once Wed yesterday, and she designed one of the weddings!  Then, there was a link to her blog.  She has a blog.  So, that's the exciting news.  Emily Henderson of "Design Star" has a really sweet blog and she won "Design Star" and was featured on Once Wed.

Some of her work on the show from her blog, The Brass Petal.


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