Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Let the wind go with you 'til the morning comes..."

Remember my slight love of a band called NEEDTOBREATHE.  Well, ya'll, this happened last night....

Seth Bolt, ya'll....
Bear Rinehart, lead singer, who is named after Bear Bryant.  Some reason I thought it appropriate to tell him I just graduated from Auburn.  Why, I don't know.

Anndd... Bo Rinehart with the whole WF crew.
Thank you, wonderfully assertive, networking Wake Forest students who know how to meet a band.

(A recap in case you don't remember just how awesome they are....)


codi.susanne said...

yay kate!!! they were playing at the wharf when I saw at the beach but tickets were a little pricey(for a new fan) and it was raining(I would only sit in the rain for Celine, Cher, Beyonce and maybe John Mayer) but you know beyonce wouldn't sing in no rain.
BUT I'm excited for you!!